Harris Institute and the University of the West of Scotland are pioneering accelerated post-secondary education. The transatlantic partnership is the first to offer advanced credentials in a shorter time and less cost than the traditional post-secondary system.Since 2006, students have earned a Diploma at Harris Institute and a Degree (on full scholarship in 8 months) at UWS in a total of 20 months. The partnership was expanded in 2016 to offer a Master’s Degree at UWS in an additional 12 months with partial scholarships.

UWS is recognized in the top 3% in the 2018 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Harris Institute is the only school outside the US in Billboard Magazine’s ‘Top 11 Schools’ and it ranked best private school for a 6th consecutive year in the 2018 ‘Media Arts Education Report’.

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Accelerated Post-Secondary Options at Harris Institute and

the University of the West of Scotland (UWS)


A Diploma + Degree + Master’s Degree in 32 months.


Two Diplomas + Master’s Degree in 32 months.

UWS Program Information:

MA Music (Industries) (Sound Production) (Songwriting)

MA Music

BA and B.Sc. Degrees at School of Media Culture and Society

BA Commercial Music

BSc Music Technology

BA Commercial Sound Production


1. Arts Management Program (AMP) Tuition:
2. Audio Production Program (APP) Tuition:
$19,984 CDN
3. Graduates of AMP or APP:
Eligible for full scholarships to earn Degrees at UWS in 8 months. Value $18,802 CDN
4. Music Business Professional (MBP) Certificate:
AMP + APP (5 Terms / 20 mths) Tuition: AMP 1,2,3= $17,658 + APP 2,3 ($14,098) – MBP Bursary ($2,500)= $29,256 CDN
5. MBP, BA and B Sc. Degree Graduates:
Eligible for $3,500 UWS Scholarships into MA Music Programs plus $1,500 Accommodation Bursaries. Tuition : £ 11.220 GBP = $18,802 CDN – $3,500 = $15,302 CDN
6. Total tuitions for Diploma, Degree and Master’s Degree:
AMP Diploma + Degree (UWS) + MA (UWS) =$32,960
APP Diploma + Degree (UWS) + MA (UWS) = $35,286
AMP + APP Diploma + MBP Certificate + MA (UWS) = $44,558