Application Criteria

International Applicants

1. Completed Application.  
2. Education Transcripts – high school or post secondary.
Copies of originals are accepted. The minimum requirement for enrolment is an Ontario Grade 12 OSSD or Equivalent. 
3. Cover letter describing the applicant’s interests and goals.  
4. Résumé
5. Two letters of reference. (Letters confirming the applicant’s long standing interest in the area of study are preferred).


Mail or deliver application to:

Harris Institute
Registrar’s Office
118 Sherbourne St.
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5A 2R2

Application Deadlines

Priority consideration is given to applications received sixty (60) days or more prior to a term start. Applications received after the 60-day deadline are considered if space permits.   

Program Start Dates

November 11, 2019
March 23, 2020
July 13, 2020

Applicants are required to confirm enrollment with a tuition deposit of $500.00 due fourteen (14) days following the notification of acceptance.   The balance of each term’s tuition is due thirty (30) days prior to the start of each term.  Applicants applying for government financial assistance must inform the registrar’s office at time of enrolment. Class schedules are distributed at the commencement of each term.

Financial Aid

OSAP Ontario Student Assistance Program

Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify. Information on funding, and the online application procedure for the Ontario Student Assistance Program are available at:

It’s not necessary to be accepted to a post-secondary institute prior to applying for funding. The advantage is increased processing time and an instant award assessment estimate at the end of the application session. 

Student Line of Credit

Financial Assistance in the form of a student line of credit, or student loan, is an option available from most major Canadian financial institutions. Please visit your local financial institute for more information.

On January 4, 2019, the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities published Forum Research’s most recent Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Harris Institute is the only post secondary school in North America to achieve a 100% Graduate Employment Rate, a 100% Graduate Satisfaction Rate and 4 annual 0% Student Loan Default Rates.

Student Loan Default Rates for Harris Institute are:

Harris Institute is one of the only post-secondary schools in North America to have achieved four 0% ‘Default Rates’. The Arts Management Program has achieved eight 0% Default Rates and the Audio Production Program has achieved six.

All Ontario post secondary Student Loan Default Rates by institution and program:

Harris Institute has hosted international students from 142 countries since 1989.

Approved international applicants are issued an Enrolment Agreement that conforms to the requirements of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
Visit Canada Study Visa.

The minimum academic requirement for admission to Harris Institute is the Ontario Secondary School Diploma or its equivalent.  Contact the Registrar if you are not sure your Credentials are equivalent at:

Harris Institute does not charge an additional International student fee.

Total APP Tuition:

$19,984.00 (CAD)

International Tuitions

$14,989.20 (USD) On June 12, 2019 
€13,280.87 (EUR) On June 12, 2019 
£ 11,812.64 (GBP) On June 12, 2019 

Total AMP Tuition:

$17,658.00 (CAD)

International Tuitions

$13,242.79 (USD) On June 12, 2019 
€11,658.76 (EUR) On June 12, 2019 
£10,437.73 (GBP) On June 12, 2019 

Total MBP (APP + AMP) Tuition:

$29,256.00 (CAD)

International Tuitions

$21,940.83 (USD) On June 12, 2019 
€19,438.76 (EUR) On June 12, 2019 
£17,287.37 (GBP) On June 12, 2019 

Living in Toronto

Students attending Harris Institute from outside of Toronto will need to budget living expenses for the entire year. Below are estimates of typical monthly living expenses.

Shared Accommodation: $600-$800/mo
Single Accommodation: $800-$1,200/mo
Transit: TTC Post Secondary Metropass $116.75/mo
Food & Staples: $200 – $250/mo
Entertainment: $100 – $150/mo
Total: $1,016.75 – $1,716.75/mo


Harris Institute does not offer housing. We recommend:

Homadorma Homestay –

Neil-Wycik Co-operative – 1.800.268.4358 –

Parkside Student Housing – 416.639.3164 –

CampusOne – 647.288.0827 –

For further information contact the Registrar’s office at: 416.367.0178 or

Harris Institute is registered as a Private Career College, under the PCCA, 2005.

Harris and program logos by Seth Rowanwood.